Sabtu, 08 September 2012

the oldies

 I enjoy looking at old houses and searching information about it. The mystery? May be...
This picture was taken in Salatiga, Central Java, in my previous Eid holiday.
Standing on top of a small hill, this house stood lonely looking at the East, kinda an elderly among the new generations. It has brick entrances that bring us to the steep, cemented steps lead to the front door. There are no gates surrounding the house, even we could pop up from the right of the house (there is a small path on the right, leading to the kampong).
 A crisscrossed wooden window is found on the left of the doubled front door. There was possibility that the cover was added years after its initial shape removed. The balustrade is different from the previous window on the right of the house.

 I found this on the left of the crisscrossed window, seemed to be the last part of the house. Having three square holes and edged closely, it was not easy to guess the function. The small step seen leads to another door on the side of the house.
 These double front door is uniquely decorated by square, small opaque glasses, which was pretty popular at its time (I don't have exact idea about the time, probably 30es).
What interest me most are the carved balustrade on the window. Also the contour of the soil that created unique, narrow, stepping garden on each side of the steps.
I really hope the untold stories of the house and the architectural points could reserve this house from being altered, like the other old buildings.

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  1. Ajukan ke Rudy Kawilarang biar bisa dipake lokasi uji nyali kali ya?!

  2. sepertinya sekarang lagi dipakai untuk tempat kos. waktu kami (lintang & aku) ke sana, dia ngintip di pintu. katanya ada box bayi dan sepeda motor baru.