Selasa, 09 Oktober 2018

Chicco - 1

World seemed to be nice to me.
It let me roam like a fellow chicken exploring the shrubs.
Hooman let me find the best lap to nap
Unca let me snuggle to him
The neighbor's doggie allowed me to sip his milk bowl.
Other hoomans patted me and called me
which sounded like 'pus, pus'
Am Chicco, by the way! 
Pus - pus are unknown!


They didn't talk to me, by the way
No one asked about my days, 
or cared where I slept.
None of them fed me regularly
I need no more than fresh fish at a time
oh well, and some nice catfood, to end up
Neither did they offer me jeans to be my scratch post
I told them I am a tough back-tracker
And 'twas only my hooman recognized it

My hooman,
was the only one surrendered upon my claws,
fell on her knees for me snuggle
My hooman,
was the only one talking about my dumpty nose,
flicked ears, long hands,
and who was toooooo silly to bend just to see
my eyes.

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