Selasa, 09 Oktober 2018


Holy glory morning!
I rushed to the kitchen door, waiting for my hooman to open up.. for, my, am terribly hungry. Can't I deny the grouching tummy throughout the night, though she put some catfood in the plate.

Still. The door closed.
Still. I sat straight.

"What is she doing there? Can't she open up her very eyes and get out of the bed to see me? Can't she think that am soooooooo starving?"

My ears turned back a little. My brother and sister were too, awaken. But that's all, neither of them went off the chair and helped me miaowing for the very sake door!
I knew my uncle was inside. No, no! Not trapped!
He did good things. Uhm... I meant that he didn't poo inside, because he knew that the best place was always somewhere outside. I also meant that he was way-beyond words of cuteness, without all meows. All he got just purrs and a little growl. Oh! And bright talks to her, our hooman!

Ah! My poor tummy!

It seemed to be thousand of years when my hooman opened the door and asked " cutie pieeeeee" and dragged me.
Then suddenly all of the emptiness faded away.

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